All Shades of Brown (ASBTV) is a non-profit television station with a mission to educate, inform and inspire all African cultures and all African colonized cultures throughout the world. ASBTV offers programming that educate the minds of men, women, and children alike by broadcasting educational documentaries, news programs that keep citizens informed on what’s going on in black communities throughout the world, and African music, theater, dance and art created by all African cultures throughout the world.

NEW Africa is dedicated to sharing the experiences of African Cultures across the globe. We chose “All Shades of Brown” as the subtitle of this magazine simply because the African nation is all shades of brown. Word Life Production is the founder of this magazine. The publication is Non-Profit. We research articles through other non-profit organizations. Please subscribe to this quarterly magazine so that we together can continue to spread the true knowledge of Africa throughout the world! In future publications, we plan to cover everything from food, clothes, politics, leisure time, work, education, etc.

If you are interested in contributing to this publication, please send in your article to Simone Walker at:  Please cite your source and include your name and email where you can be reached, or join us on Google and post your blog here.  In the meantime, please subscriber and thank you for reading!

If you are interested in being a feature artist, please send your press-kit to us through Music Submit.

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