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Uncover the hidden secrets of Black Wall Street in 1921 (Tulsa)

The Black community deserves to know all of Black history.

For too long, students and churches have heard the stories of oppression, slavery, and dehumanization of Black men, women, and their families.

However, history also has another story to tell – one of success, generational wealth, and unwavering faith.

The tales of hope, perseverance, and the attainment of those things are the stories we need to know to rescue our communities from falling apart.

UMI is committed to inspiring people about Black community development, teaching you how to reengage your students and congregations, and refreshing how you teach Black history with the wisdom of Jesus.

Building a City on a Hill, our latest release, includes stories that detail Black legacy builders’ remarkable achievements.

The history of slavery and segregation is not the full story, and to move forward, we must know the rest.

To get a glimpse of one of the stories featured in our book, watch the 10-minute video on the events that happened in Greenwood, Tulsa. Learn about the Tulsa race massacre. Then, buy the book at BuildingaCityonaHill.com.